With great pride and honor, we announce – Belucci Couture clutches now available at Kamal Beverly Hills! This storefront location is in the heart of Beverly Hills shopping district. Just around the corner from Saks Fifth Avenue and on the prestigious Bedford Drive. If you're in search of eye-catching clothing for that special occasion, please stop in at Kamal Beverly Hills. And while there, don't forget to scope out the Belucci Couture Exquisite Collection clutches!

The Hafza clutch was recently added without too much fanfare. However, recent buyers have responded with so much positive feedback that it was a must that we highlight this clutch. One such buyer told of a night out at an evening get together at an upscale restaurant in Woodland Hills, CA. She was ecstatic at the end of the night when on three different occasions – she was asked where she got this clutch. In addition, her friends also followed suit and ordered their own clutches. But it was surprising to note that the clutches they ordered were of varying shades – the purchases must have been coordinated. All in all, Belucci-Couture is very proud to have gotten such amazing feedback. It's our main goal to make sure that our clutches are the first thing that people notice when you walk into a room. And with those sparkles shining from your arm – you take back the event!

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